Friday, August 25, 2006


Cinema's zombie overlord is back, folks! No doubt George Romero's next flesh-chomping tale is sure to join the pantheon of classic undead legend, with a riotous blast of brilliant mayhem, a couple of doomed filmmakers in the woods? Um...The Blair Witch Project, anyone? OK, so the premise sounds contrived, but this is a ZOMBIE flick, not some minimalistic indie experiement. There's gonna be gore! Um...Cannibal Holocaust, anyone?

Well, that's unfair. Romero has never really disappointed anyone. Sure, Land of the Dead lacked the same sort of hopeless apocalyptic dread that imbued the earlier Dead films with an indelible intensity, but it still delivered the cannabilistic goods with the right balance of horror and good humor (with some awesome stabs at classicism), as opposed to CH's ability to push anyone limits of bad taste to the extreme with no redemptive charm. If Diary of the Dead aims to mock film student snobbery, we may be in for an authentically good time.


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