Wednesday, May 07, 2008

There was a time when only ruthless Hollywood producers had the power to bring cinematic visions to life. Now, it takes a village -- or, rather, a community. That's the idea behind IndieGoGo , the social network for funding independent film productions launched January 14 by Slava Rubin, Eric Schell and Danae Ringelmann. By allowing filmmakers to create profiles for their projects, build fans and get them to donate to the projects, IndieGoGo makes it possible to find an audience before a single frame is shot -- and allows them to get involved. "All you need is an idea in your head," explains Rubin, whose background in strategic planning combines with Schell's consulting experience and Ringelmann's industry work in the field of film and media finance. "We've all been passionate about independent film and helping artists," says Rubin, who works out of New York City while Schell and Ringelmann complete their MBAs at UC Berkeley.

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